NextGen EMR and Its Features!

Before choosing a NextGen EMR, you should consider how it will integrate with your current practice software. The next-generation EMR has many features that help you manage your practice. This tool provides automatic appointment reminders and allows you to customize the reminders. The reminders will automatically check your patients’ insurance and send a note to your patients if the appointment has been missed. NextGen is compatible with the most popular health insurance systems.

Interoperability for NextGen EMR:

The NextGen EMR offers a variety of convenient features for physicians. Its patient scheduling tool includes an automated reminder feature. You can customize the messages and add your own notes. You can also save frequently used codes. NextGen is designed to help you easily and quickly code your patients’ visits. The user-friendly interface also lets you view patient history and previous HPIs. It also provides the ability to share notes with other providers.

NextGen has been in business for 45 years and partners with over 150,000 health care providers. The company specializes in physician solutions and recently acquired OTTO Health, a company that provides robust patient portal services. It also provides a comprehensive telehealth solution. It is the only ambulatory EMR vendor that offers strong usability and robust interoperability. Moreover, it has a four-star rating in various review sites.

Lab integration:

Lab integration is an important aspect of NextGen EMR. This software makes it easy for physicians and lab technicians to schedule and receive test results. This integration helps providers promote patient safety by ensuring that test results are readily available. However, lab integration is not the only important factor to consider when choosing NextGen EMR. This article will cover some of the benefits of lab integration in Nextgen EMR. Further, it will also help you decide whether this software is right for your practice.

The benefits of laboratory integration in NextGen EMR are many. Firstly, lab information systems are an essential part of diagnosis. Most medical decisions are made based on the results of laboratory tests. Secondly, lab information systems help to enhance treatment plans and diagnosis. NextGen EMR is compatible with the most popular lab information systems. Lastly, it is cost-effective, too. Lab integration in NextGen EMR is critical to medical practice operations.

HIPAA compliance:

The cloud-based NextGen EMR solution is ideal for small and large medical practices. It offers clinical tasking and appointment management, as well as patient portals and specialty-specific content. It is HIPAA-compliant, touch-screen capable, and cross-browser compatible. It also includes features for telehealth visits and E/M coding. The Nextgen EMR solution is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Android.

The HIPAA Security Rule requires healthcare organizations to perform a risk assessment. The assessment should identify the various risks to PHI. The Office of National Coordinator for Health Information Technology provides a free security risk assessment tool. The Privacy Rule, on the other hand, requires access to patient health information (PHI).

Cost of NextGen EMR:

The cost of NextGen EMR depends on the features you need. The software offers a comprehensive practice management solution with a claim clearinghouse and patient portal. It is easy to use and adapts to provider workflows. Depending on the features you need, NextGen EMR may cost from $299 per provider to $549 per month. Software Finder and the NextGen website can help you find the lowest price.

The NextGen EMR comes with a training program that is facilitated via virtual courses. During these courses, staff members receive training in how to use the software’s features. The instructor leads the session over WebEx video conferences. This helps staff members learn how to use the software and how to use specific functions. For example, a front-office employee will not learn about charting features, but will learn about other features. NextGen also offers self-guided learning materials.

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Training program:

Before you can take advantage of all of NextGen EMR’s features, you need to complete a thorough training program. It is important to understand how the software works and how to maximize its use. You can use health IT experts to create a training session that addresses your specific needs. A well-designed training program will help your practice become more efficient and ready for future changes. Here are a few features of NextGen EMR you should know.

NextGen EMR offers pre-implementation and post-implementation training. Training classes are typically led by an instructor through WebEx video conferencing. There are also self-guided training materials available. NextGen’s implementation consultants can help you identify the problems that could arise during the implementation process and develop workarounds. Working with a NextGen implementation consultant can also help your facility prepare for the go-live cutover. This will ensure the smooth transition to NextGen and maximize your facility’s capabilities and savings.

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