Low-Retention Filter

20uL Ultra Low-Retention Filter Pipette Tips

Ultra Low-Retention Filter Pipettae Tips are designed to minimize sample loss and enhance reproducibility when working with critical media. With an extremely low surface tension, these tips are 50 percent less prone to contamination than PTFE tips. Furthermore, they contain no leachable additives and are autoclavable at 121degC.

Applications Requiring Precise

Low-Retention Filter LTS Pipette Tips are designed for applications requiring precise measurements and high precision. Sample retention in the pipet tip can limit the accurate delivery of highly viscous liquids. Because of this, low-retention pipette tips are designed to reduce sample retention by three to five times. This high-quality pipette tip is available in five-rack trays. It is sterile, certified RNase/DNase-free and non-pyrogenic.

Contamination & Aspiration Errors

AHN myTip(r) Low-Retention Filter Tips are compatible with all pipettes and are designed to eliminate contamination and aspiration errors. Moreover, the conical tip opening prevents drop formation at the tip’s end. This prevents cross-contamination in lab environments and ensures stable results. They can also be used with multiple-use pipettes.

Medical-Grade Polypropylene

Besides being high-quality, these tips are made of medical-grade polypropylene and undergo a special process to make the inner surface super hydrophobic, reducing sample loss and increasing reproducibility when working with critical media. They also feature a barrier filter to prevent aerosol contamination. They are certified DNase/RNase-free, and are RoHS-compliant.

An ultra-low retention filter is an excellent choice when working with biological samples. These filters are specially designed with a low surface tension to minimize sample loss during pipetting. The filters also offer improved reproducibility when working with critical media, such as biological reagents.

High-Efficiency Barrier Filter

These filters also come with a high-efficiency barrier filter to avoid aerosol contamination. These filters are compatible with most 20uL pipette models. They are offered in polypropylene racks that are durable and have a transparent lid. Moreover, these filters are reusable once they are empty.

In addition, these filters are compatible with a wide range of pipette sizes. Their AHN myTip(r) Low-Retention Filter Tips provide comfortable pipetting and maximize sample recovery. In addition, these tips feature a high-quality diamond-finished production mold to ensure ultimate hydrophobic inner surface. The low-retention filter tips also enable complete delivery of liquids and improve reproducibility. They can even process viscous liquids.

Defect-Free Surfaces & Reduce Sample Loss

Low-retention pipette tips are manufactured with defect-free surfaces and reduce sample loss. Using these tips helps improve reproducibility and consistency when using critical samples. Low retention pipette tips are also autoclavable. Compared to traditional pipette tips, they reduce sample loss by a factor of three to five times.

Low-Retention Pipette Tips

Low-Retention pipette tips are designed to reduce sample binding. Made with virgin plastics and Swiss molds, the tips’ ultra-smooth inner surface provides an extra layer of protection against sample clumping. The non-stick coating is free of surface additives and guarantees the integrity of the sample.

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