Can you play music offline with spotify

Spotify is the digital world’s leading virtual music, podcast, and many more virtual services given to all artists and listeners. It has usage in terms of millions through creating creators from all over the world. Even listeners are using it for its best features.

Spotify has two different versions for users. One is the premium version for premium users and the free version for free users; users with the premium version are well-known for their offline mode. It permits playing and streaming the playlists and albums through any device. So you can have them in offline mode without needing an Internet connection. One of the best features is the limit accessible in terms of the network. At the same time, free users can’t enjoy offline access to the tracks.


In this following article, you will get your solutions regarding your queries.

Let’s explore the world of Spotify with the offline version of it:-

Being a Spotify user, you can access Spotify through offline mode to enjoy and change your mind and mood strength in offline mode.

Before switching to offline mode, your first step is to download the tracks you want to access.

After downloading, you can enjoy your favorite songs offline mode.

In the Desktop Medium downloading process.

1)Find the playlist which you want to download.

2)Select Download ON; when a small green arrow appears at the top of the screen, it states your song or playlist has been downloaded successfully.

3)Launch Spotify, and go to the file in the windows menu at the top of your screen. Then Click on Offline mode. 

Point to be noted for Mac Users:

Select Spotify from the Apple menu at the top of your screen. Click on Offline mode.

In mobile or tablet medium downloading process:

1)Find your Playlist, album, or podcast which you want to download for offline mode.

2) Click on Down-arrow to download your tracks.

3)Now go to the Library, Then to settings, after that playback and tap for switching to offline mode.

Points to be Noted: While on android, Click on download to download an album or playlist. When a green down arrow appears, It states that you have downloaded the tracks successfully.


1) It’s impossible to download albums or any podcasts on the desktop medium through an app.

2)The download range is limited to 10,000 tracks through five different devices available to you.

3)Through the offline version, you have your downloaded songs for listening to and enjoying it.

4)For downloading process, you need your internet connection or Wifi. But you must access online songs once every thirty days to keep your pieces and podcasts in downloaded mode.

Free Users can play their songs on the app through online mode. Spotify allows free users to play music to get interested in buying Spotify Premium Subscription.


Pros for listening to songs in online mode

1)Listening online saves massive internal storage space because nothing is saved.

2) You can access whichever track you want with an internet connection. Whenever you are present in the world, it doesn’t matter.

3)You can have the latest releases at any moment before it is available for download.

4)Online mode allows us to share the tracks with our family and friends.

Cons for listening to songs in online mode

1)Through online can face interruption while listening to some ads, which gives you a headache.

2)Without the internet, you can’t access any songs. If there is an error in the connection too, you can’t listen to your tracks peacefully


Pros for listening to songs in offline mode

1) The most prominent feature is that you can access them without the internet, but you need a connection for downloading.

2)No disturbance while listening to songs. No playing of ads.

3)You can listen to your songs as often as you want to hear with the saving of the internet.

Cons for listening to songs in offline mode

1)It consumes storage space.

2)It may disturb you from further downloading anything.

Thus you are now aware of all the benefits of offline mode. Spotify Premium can avail you better offline mode for easy access to songs of your choice. So have your Premium subscription and enjoy it to your fullest. 

Let’s see some FAQs which may you too.

Why can’t I play offline songs, and even I can’t download the songs?

The answer to this question is easy because, without a premium subscription, no one can download or have an offline mode for listening to songs. So have your premium version.

2.What are the benefits of listening to songs in offline mode?

There are many benefits of listening in offline mode as follows:

 First, you can save your internet data every day by playing online. It would be reduced. Even you listen to songs where your internet has the error of working like it’s coming slow or your network is there, so you can have your music anywhere where ever you are. These are the two most important uses of offline mode. With saving data, you can do other required work without any shortage of data. Less consumption of data can save you money too.

3.Which one is the better online mode or offline mode?

For me, the offline mode because it has benefits. But once every 30 days, you need to play online. So that it won’t create any error for playing offline. For playing in offline mode, you need to download the songs you liked.

Hence, you have every knowledge of offline mode, so now you have your offline version.

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