8 Tips to Write the Catchiest Titles Ever!

Writing seems easy for some people without even trying to do it. Little do they know that although it looks simple, it’s very challenging once you are already in front of your paper or computer screen, thinking how to start a paragraph. From the introduction, to the body, to the conclusion, it’s definitely testing. And another difficult part in many cases is coming up with the best and catchiest titles for your writeups. 

Every segment of an article, like this, is significant. You cannot leave any of it mediocre because everything affects the whole article. Many sometimes undervalue this, but the title of an article is actually the initial driving force for a reader to click on and begin reading a post. It’s like the welcoming banner of a writeup, from where readers will decide whether or not they will read the content. If you fail to captivate the audience from the title, do not expect them to open your post and finish until the last word. Your title already ruined the chance, so do not expect so much. Harsh but true!

Writers need to be good and smart at titling their writeups, too, because no matter the greatness of the quality’s content, if the title is not effective, the content might not be appreciated. Writers help one another! Take note of these 9 tips to write the catchiest titles ever!   

1 – Use power words.

Immediately grab the attention of readers who are looking for content that will give them the information they need. Be smart, and target the interest of your audience. Use power words that will draw them to clicking your article’s title. 

Power words are those words that drive readers to stop and pay attention. They are powerful and influential. Because of them, readers are convinced and win over to visit the page that shows the title. Power words are used to spark emotional and intellectual reaction from people that see them. 

When you use words like “best”, “top”, “greatest” and “most”, your titles make your articles feel like must-reads indeed. Meanwhile, using their counterparts or the negative poles also works. You may provoke a response and attract readers from your titles with “worst”, “least popular”, “most unwanted” and the like. 

2 – Make it exciting. 

The catchiest titles are also made exciting! They display a certain kind of energy that will burst even more when the readers find out the content lying under the captivating title. Let readers feel that they really have something good, cool and fun to expect from the post you have written for them. 

Readers do not want boring content. Especially if your article is quite text-filled and lengthy, it might be at risk of getting skipped and left behind. Nonetheless, you can prevent that by making your title excitingly stirring. Create it in a way that they will not be able to resist reading the whole thing! Make them intrigued!

3 – Write as inquirers think inside their head.

Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience. When they need a certain information, how would they type the keywords in to find it? It’s important to know or at least have an idea about that. Write your titles as inquirers think inside their head. 

Turn your reader persona on for better understanding. If you were a reader, what would you enter on the search bar to get the results you want to get? Consider this when coming up with the catchiest titles for your articles. While being creative and clever, do not forget to think about the basics too. You want readers to get what they need from what you give. Make your titles search-engine-friendly, so your posts will rank high.  

4 – Ask a question.

When readers are searching for an answer, they ask a question. Use a question. Ask a question from your titles. That’s without a doubt straightforward and clear. Readers who are in a hurry and who want quick answers to their quick questions would prefer reading such posts. They have the same question in mind, so displaying that exact or alike question makes them trust that you have the answer too. 

5 – Use your target audience’s lingo.

When different people have the same interests, it’s easier to connect and relate with each other, even without a personal connection. The moment you see someone wearing a shirt of your favorite band, you instantly have something in common; you immediately have something you agree on. You can become friends in no time! 

Utilize the same technique when aiming to write the catchiest titles for your articles. Use your target audience’s lingo. If they are of a different generation from you, do your research and do social media listening. Speak the language of your target audience. 

Once they see your titles containing something they speak as well or they are very inclined to, there’s a high probability for them to dive into your content. 

6 – Lengths of lists should be “just right”.

Making lists is an effective way to create worth-reading posts. Readers look for such. However, to make your catchiest titles, lengths should be just right! If from the title, they see that there are 50 numbers, they will breathe deeply while pretending they did not see your post. 

This might not be the same for all readers, but the point here is that, it would be better to keep posts not extremely full of information or points. Many readers get discouraged to check them out, unless they are desperately looking for a piece of rare information. 

7 – Boast your content like it has everything the readers need. 

Try to be a bit arrogant from your title – not in a negative way. Use power words that excite and intrigue readers. Boast your content like it has everything the readers need. Write your title like reading your post is enough for the readers to find out everything they want and need to know about the topic at hand.

8 – Prove your title’s worth in its content.  

Last but not the least, of course, prove your title’s worth in its content. Do not make it a false headline or a fake news. If your titles are the catchiest, then make their content meet the reader’s expectations! Your article does not start and end from the title. It starts there, and it leads readers to read until the very end. 

If you make your title sound like it’s the best article ever, then do not disappoint the readers through creating quality content, of course!



You can consider titles as one of the major magnets of articles. For writers in a creative agency or in an independent pursuit, this is important to remember. Click-worthy titles definitely get clicks, while those that fail to grab attention fail to garner a lot of visits. That’s why you have to pay close attention to creating titles according to the friendly tips written above!

Enjoy writing, and let your readers enjoy reading!  



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. She is a daytime writer for Orion Creative, a digital agency and design studio in Sydney, building greater possibilities for brands and businesses of all sorts. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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