What to Search For in a WordPress Hosting Package?

While many service providers offer dedicated WordPress hosting, the capabilities accessible differ significantly from host to host. Knowing what to look for will assist site owners in making well-informed judgments about which provider to use, a decision that can have a substantial long-term impact on the website’s success. This article will go through the important features to look for in a dedicated WordPress cheap web hosting with a Cpanel plan.

WordPress-friendly servers

The server is the most significant distinction between a basic hosting package and dedicated WordPress hosting. By hosting WordPress websites solely on a server, the service provider is free to modify them to improve the WordPress platform’s performance. This will entail using capabilities like NGINX cache, PHP7+OPcache, and HTTP2 to optimize the server.

The NGINX caching engine sends frequently requested website files to users’ browsers in milliseconds, PHP7 with OPcache improves performance, and the current HTTP/2 standard improves responsiveness.

Another feature to search for is MySQL database management, which, when powered by MariaDB, allows the server to be optimized for WordPress’s read-heavy workloads. Users should also have the access to tools like PHPMyAdmin, which makes managing MySQL databases accessible.

While PHP 7 offers the best performance, some WordPress sites require previous versions of PHP to preserve compatibility with older WordPress versions, plugins, or themes.

The server should be set up to support various sites, and the hosting package should allow you to select a version via a PHP version selector.

Users should also search for SSD storage with faster read and write rates than typical HDD drives.

High-level security

WordPress is used to produce 35 percent of the world’s websites, making it a common target for cybercriminals. A professional web host will be aware of this and ensure that your WordPress hosting is secure. A WordPress application firewall will be included to identify and repel hacker and bot attacks.

Look for 1-click hardening capabilities for added convenience. This ensures that you follow best practices without putting them in place yourself. This is an amazing place to start if you’re new to WordPress.

In addition, seek a hosting option that offers free SSL certificates to encrypt data exchanged between your server and a user’s browser. That displays the secure padlock icon next to your web address in browsers. Finally, choose a server that performs daily backups so that your data can be quickly restored in a data loss.

Features that make it simple to use

A user-friendly control panel is the first step toward ease of use. Ideally, this should be a full-featured toolset that works across all devices and allows you to manage your WordPress hosting from India. 

You should be able to install and administer several sites with this. The installation should be simple, with a one-click installer that can accomplish the operation in under 30 seconds. Search for a plugin and theme manager that lets you install, patch, and update themes and plugins right from the control panel.

Users should be able to perform a variety of different operations with ease from the control panel. These include turning on automated WordPress core patching, setting up development environments to test new plugins before going live, cloning sites for development and staging, and syncing them to production. 

To avoid severe development troubles, look for features such as the ability to make snapshots that you can restore if changes do not go as planned, the ability to put the site into maintenance mode with a simple click, and a debug mode for debugging code. Another helpful feature to look for is using an integrated cronjob manager to create, schedule, and automate tasks.

Service and assistance

First and foremost, you should expect your web host to provide technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means that whenever you have a problem, a WordPress professional will be accessible to help you resolve it. 

Guaranteed uptime, storage capacity, unlimited or unmetered bandwidth (data transmission), and the number of websites and mailboxes you can build in your bundle are essential considerations. Finding a web host with built-in migration management and migrating your site for free is a significant benefit if you’re switching from another host.


A solid WordPress web hosting provider recognizes that most people who invest their time and money into building websites have one common goal: to watch them grow and allow them to do so.

When it comes to scalability, the essential feature to look for in a host is adaptable plans that can handle a variety of sites.

You’ll also need sales and support teams that are willing to take the time to recommend appropriate hosting packages based on your needs, as well as alert you when it’s time to upgrade to suit your expanding website.

The easiest way to tell if a host is good for you is to look at their hosting packages for variety, see if they mention WordPress in their descriptions, and finally, see if they offer free consultations to assist you in picking the right plan.


WordPress is a unique CMS with its own set of requirements when it comes to hosting. A dedicated WordPress hosting bundle should meet those requirements while also simplifying site management. Hopefully, the information given here will assist you in finding the best WordPress hosting service for your needs.

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