Will buying YouTube views help to increase watch hours?

There are millions of videos uploaded to YouTube every minute, created by many people. For new content producers, gaining attention and expanding their channels is a real challenge. That is the reason you should buy Youtube watch hours.

This article covers everything you need to know about buying views, from advantages and disadvantages to practical advice.

What Is Youtube Video Watch Time?

Complete beginners should start with this section.

Simply put, the total time viewers spend watching your videos on YouTube is measured in “watch hours,” also known as “watch time.” YouTube values watch time more than the number of views recorded when a page loads because refreshes have no impact.

YouTube’s “The 4000 Hours Problem”

Having the right channel with at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours annually would be best to make money on YouTube. 

It is the newly-enacted channel monetization regulation that became effective in January 2018. It is meant to handle the massive amount of content uploaded daily to Youtube to make money.

Regardless of the size of your channel in the past, you only needed 10,000 views to start making money. However, the new regulation makes it more challenging for a channel to earn money, particularly the 4000-hour watch time.

The 4000 hours of YouTube viewing only count when accumulated over 12 straight months. In other words, even if your videos were uploaded years ago, they must have been viewed within the previous 52 weeks.

Your videos must be made public for the watch time to be recorded appropriately. It implies that you cannot live stream while making the video private. Additionally, videos cannot be deleted or made private.

Reaching the 4000-hour threshold can be challenging, especially for new YouTube creators. But don’t worry, you can buy a Youtube watch time to solve the issue.

Is it okay to purchase hours of YouTube watch time? And does it help you grow your company?

The following sections contain in-depth responses.

Is Purchasing Youtube Watch Hours Legal?

In all honesty, purchasing YouTube views is against the site’s policies. Any actions that artificially increase views, such as purchasing views from outside sources, are prohibited on Youtube. 

The platform even makes rules and regulations that severely penalize manipulating view counts, which leads to removing any videos that exhibit signs of doing so.

On the other hand, many believe purchasing views constitute unfair competition and cheating. Most of the time, content producers who pay for watch time bury the non-organic viewpoints to avoid moral controversy.

Nevertheless, buying 1000 Indian Youtube views is a tempting initial boost that may be helpful for new influencers. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing hours of YouTube watch time before deciding.

Buy Youtube Watch Hours Pros and Cons


Do you know what the bandwagon effect is?

It alludes to a phenomenon whereby people adopt the same viewpoints as those around them. If, for instance, you notice that everyone else in the area is going to the same coffee shop, you might feel inspired to join them.

When searching for videos to watch on Youtube, the audience is influenced by the number of views. 

Most of the time, viewers believe that a video is worthwhile to watch if it receives many views. Now that view counts are used as a measure of social acceptance; it makes sense why you might want to pay for YouTube watch hours.

While this is frequently the case when people choose what to watch on YouTube, it is not always.

Boost Your SERP Position

According to Youtube, users spend more than 70% of their time watching content that the platform’s algorithms suggest. 

According to user engagement (likes, comments, and watch time) and the relevance of the video for a given query, the algorithms will compile data and offer results. 

In other words, the watch time significantly impacts how high up the YouTube search engine lists your video. 

Your video’s reach can be expanded because more people are exposed to and inclined to click through your video thumbnails on feeds due to buying views, which raises your SERP ranking. 

Your subscribers will increase, and you will receive more natural views. Once you have a solid subscriber base, you can stop purchasing views and concentrate on expanding the community. 

Obtain Authority

The fact that so many people watch your videos could give the impression that people value your opinions and consider you an authority figure in your industry.


The Perils of Being Banned

Your videos run the risk of being removed if you choose to purchase YouTube watch hours. YouTube strictly forbids using any technique to increase video views artificially, and it severely sanctions view count manipulation. 

If you are caught cheating on view counts more than once, your videos will be immediately removed and your account suspended.

Low-grade views

Low-quality views might be removed because Youtube regularly removes fake views and accounts. 

Before paying for any service, you had better make sure the site gives you legitimate views and offers some refund policy.

Scammers and subpar companies are commonplace in the online market, as they are in any industry. In many cases, there are even more dishonest service providers than honest ones. 

Buying Youtube watch hours can be risky if you are new to the game and have no idea what to watch out for. 

The views you purchase might arrive all at once, but you cannot buy likes, comments, or subscribers. 

What Are Necessary Before Purchasing Youtube Watch Hours?

To be eligible for the Youtube watch hours service, you must prepare a few things. These include:

Having at least ten videos that are each longer than ten minutes. Your videos will work more effectively and move along more quickly if they are longer. In other words, you’ll watch YouTube more quickly and efficiently.Your YouTube channel should be free of claims and clean.Your video content must have a purpose and provide the viewers with something of value.

So, buying YouTube views is quite good, but you need to keep the points mentioned above in mind. Buying YouTube views will increase your watch hours also and helps you to earn good fame.

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