Perks Of Being A Food And Beverage Trader In UAE

Perks Of Being A Food And Beverage Trader In UAE

If there’s one thing all business owners and entrepreneurs are aware of is that UAE is a major international business hub in the Middle East. With its world-class infrastructure, business environment, and tax-free system, it has earned the authority to be many aspiring entrepreneurs’ and businesses’ first pick. Also, UAE is a popular travel destination, making it a perfect place for doing business.

As the region’s rapidly expanding tourism industry, there’s a high demand for organic and natural food in the UAE. Keeping that in mind, natural product traders UAE have an excellent opportunity to step into the market and make a name for themselves.

However, it’s not the only one. There are several other factors that we’ll cover in this post.

So, continue reading on to find out!

Reasons Why UAE’s Food And Beverage Industry Is Worth Investing In

UAE continues to attract entrepreneurial interest and investment in food and beverage companies and investors worldwide. Let’s outline some of the key factors why;

  • Global Tourism Hub

It’s no secret that UAE is among tourists’ favorite holiday destinations, but the country also provides the best business opportunities for foreigners. In fact, one of the key sources of income for the UAE is tourism, which has contributed to Dubai’s economic growth in recent years.

Every year, thousands of tourists worldwide visit UAE to stay and enjoy the beautiful and tourist-friendly environment. And many a times, an important attraction for these foreign visitors is the availability of the mouth-watering food variety in the UAE. These tourists spend a lot of money on this food and drink items, greatly increasing the F&B industry revenue. 

Additionally, while foreign nationals worldwide come to Dubai for business and pleasure, some even opt to settle down. As a result, there’s a huge cultural diversity in UAE, which demands the need for a variety of cuisines. 

The government keeps holding events, such as the Dubai Shopping Festival, to attract more tourists. Additionally, because there are so many different types of cuisines available, there’s been a change in eating habits among the locals.

  • World-Famous Restaurants

UAE has the honor of boasting the most comprehensive on-demand food market since there is something for every foodie in Dubai. What’s more is that if you wish to enjoy international delicacies, you don’t necessarily have to go to a 5 or 7-star restaurant. Many street food markets in Dubai also offer great dishes of the highest quality.

But, of course, if you’d like to have a feel of such hotels and restaurants, you can always check out places like Zaroob, Tom and Serg, Ravi restaurant, Din Tai Fung, and Calicut Paragon – all of which are very popular among the locals and tourists alike.

  • Opportunities For Food Import

If we look at it geographically, UAE is mostly a barren, desert-like region. It means that the country depends heavily on imports of fruits, vegetables, and other food commodities to fulfill the needs of its local and expatriate population. This is where natural essential food online UAE traders can utilize a great opportunity to set up their business and then import these commodities for the people of UAE. 

Due to incentives provided by the UAE government, food traders can earn a healthy chunk of profit only by importing food commodities. And what’s more? There’s no worry of loss in this business because commodities like fruits, vegetables, and natural mineral water are all basic human needs. 

  • Easy Way For Investors To Set Up Business

Another benefit of investing in the F&B industry is that the country offers “free zones” in the main Dubai city and other parts of the UAE. These fee zones permit 100% foreign ownership and favorable economic policies for foreign investors to set up businesses in Dubai.

For instance, if you were to start a new restaurant chain, setting up shop inside the free zone will save your business from all types of taxes and customs duties.

  • Easy Licensing Procedure

Not only are the business setup conditions favorable, but UAE also has the easiest licensing procedure for investors looking for a way to invest in the market. With UAE’s easy licensing and registration procedure and the consultancy provided by a company setup consultant, you will have a clear view of all the legal procedures to help you get your company running.

The Bottom Line

Given the information above, it’s pretty obvious that the F&B industry is among the most lucrative in the UAE. And despite the intense rivalry, there is still potential for new food trade enterprises to expand and prosper.

If you’re a first-time business owner or entrepreneur looking to enter the F&B sector in the UAE but don’t know where to start? Then consider franchising with businesses like The Swift Trading Company. Contact today!

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