Ultherapy 101: Everything You Need to Know

Everyone has their own definition of beauty. For some, it’s the flawless looking tight and young skin and for others, it is becoming visually attractive. Regardless of what your definition for beauty might be, it’s a known fact that we all strive to look our best. And for doing so, we do everything that is required.

Some people also turn to cosmetic procedures and ULTHERAPY is one such treatment that can give you younger looking fresh and tight skin without any surgery. While there are other procedures, such as HydraFacial in Dubai, but Ultherapy works in a better way.

At this point, you must be wondering what exactly is Ultherapy and how it can give you the same results as facelift but without going under the knife, right? Don’t worry as we’re going to answer all your queries today.

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is basically a non-invasive technique that uses ultrasound for stimulating the production of collagen deep inside your skin. Using this treatment, aesthetic experts enhance the production of your natural collagen and elastin that naturally tightens your skin.

This procedure has the clearance and approval of FDA and is in use for lifting the skin of neck, chin and brow areas. Moreover, ultherapy is also helpful in improving fine lines and for the removal of wrinkles of face and upper chest area.

Who Can Get Ultherapy?

There are no restrictions for getting ultherapy and everyone can reap the benefits of this treatment and shed a few years of their age. This procedure is highly customizable and doctors can easily mould it as per your needs. However, people who have saggy or loose skin near their chin and around their neck can experience the best results after undergoing ultherapy.

Likewise, candidates who are in their thirties or above can also get the most out of this treatment. This technique is a perfect alternate to the surgical procedure of facelift. Similarly, many younger patients go for ultherapy to stay ahead of their aging process. Top-notch cosmetic centres such as the Nova Clinic Dubai use this technique to add collagen to your body’s saving bank.    


Areas such as brow area, cheeks, nasolabial folds, jowl lines and upper and lower parts of your neck as well as décolleté are perfect for ultherapy. This procedure usually starts when your aesthetic expert has marked the areas to be treated. Once done, the treatment starts with the help of micro fused ultrasound that is focused on the targeted areas.

This energy stimulates and enhances the production of collagen and elastin in your underlying skin tissues. This, in-turn, starts the collagen building process. There’s no discomfort and pain involved during this treatment. However, the patient may feel slight sensation as long as the ultrasound is in use.

There is as such no downtime that is needed after getting ultherapy and patients can resume their everyday activities instantly.

Also, some people may experience slight redness after the treatment that goes away after a few hours. Likewise, some patients can even experience a little bit of swelling following their session, which also goes away by the end of the day. Overall, this technique is entirely free from risks and pain, and this is probably one of the biggest reasons why it has become the most sought-after treatment in Dubai Cosmetic Surgery centers.

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