Shaun So Biography

Known for his iconic style, Shaun So is a well-known figure in the fashion industry. He has been featured in many television shows, movies, and fashion magazines. He has also had a successful career as an entrepreneur.


Having worked in different fields, Shaun So’s biography is filled with many prestigious achievements. He has co-founded several companies including The So Company and Digital Service Coalition. He has also travelled to multiple locations.

The So Company is a firm that focuses on forming strategies and improving services for users. It is also patronized by the US Department of Veterans Affairs. The So Company also works to increase revenues for its clients.

According to the Forbes magazine, Shaun So has a lot of accomplishments. He has been the CEO of The So Company since 2012. He is the author of a Forbes column on entrepreneurship and business interest. He was also the founder of Cubby, a start-up urban logistics company. He is also certified as an open water diver. He has served as an intelligence analyst for the Defense Intelligence Agency and the United States Army. He has also been a defense contractor for McNeil Technologies.

Early life

Founded a number of companies, Shaun So is a businessman and an entrepreneur. He has an estimated net worth of $1 million. He also has two children with his wife, Anna Chlumsky.

So was born in Maine, United States. He went to school at the University of Chicago from 1999 to 2003. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in political science. He then completed a Master of Arts in business administration.

After graduating from the University of Chicago, he joined the Defense Intelligence Agency. He served as an intelligence analyst there for three years. After serving there, he worked for a defense contractor, McNeil Technologies, for another three years. In April 2006, he resigned from the federal government.

He then founded his first company, Cubby, in 2011. He was co-founder of the company. He closed it in April 2012. He later founded a second company, The So Company, in 2012. He currently serves as CEO and Managing Partner of the company. The company provides content for private and public sectors.

Military service

During the early 2000s, Shaun So’s military service was spent in Afghanistan. In 2007, he returned to the United States, where he married Anna Chlumsky. They have two children. Their daughter, Penelope, was named after Odysseus’ wife in the Homer’s Odyssey.

After graduating from City University of New York with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science, he went on to study at the University of Chicago, where he received an MBA. He also attended Tsinghua University in China to learn the Mandarin language. Afterwards, he worked for McNeil Technologies, a defense contractor. He served as a tactical intelligence team sergeant. He also led the team that conducted domestic combat operations for the United States Army.

After his service in the military, Shaun was recruited by the Defense Intelligence Agency. He was sent to Afghanistan to work as a Counterintelligence Special Agent. In addition, he commanded the domestic and international combat operations for the US Army.


Throughout the years, Shaun So has built up several companies, including his own. He is an American entrepreneur and internet personality. He is also the husband of actress Anna Chlumsky.

Before Shaun So became a celebrity, he worked as an intelligence analyst for the U.S. Department of Defense. He also served as a sergeant on tactical intelligence teams. He deployed to Afghanistan, and spent almost ten years in the US army. His service in the military was a huge asset to his business, as he was able to gain valuable experience in the field.

In his free time, Shaun So enjoys spending time with his family. He loves to travel, and he is also a certified Wilderness First Responder. He and his wife have a daughter, Penelope Joan So. Their net worth is estimated to be between $3 and $4 million.


Despite being a celebrity, Shaun So and his wife, Anna Chlumsky, keep their identities under wraps. They are currently the proud parents of two children. In July 2013, they welcomed their first daughter Penelope Joan So and in August 2016, they welcomed their second child, Clara Elizabeth So.

The two celebrities have been together for more than a decade. They started dating in 2006 and got engaged in 2007. The couple then married in 2008, in Brooklyn, New York.

According to a recent report, Shaun So and Anna Chlumsky’s first daughter, Penelope, was named after the famous wife of Odysseus in the Homer’s Odyssey. Shaun So customized the room for his little princess. He also took her on a trip to the Grand Canyon.

On the other hand, Shaun So’s wife, Anna, has been acting for several years and has a net worth of around $3 million. She was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for her role as Amy Brookheimer on Veep (2012-2019). She has appeared in a number of films, including Blood Car (2007) and In the Loop (2009). In addition to her acting career, she is a model and a social media star.

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