Overcrowded Teeth Hindering You from Smiling? Here’s How to Fix It with Invisible Aligners!

Teeth are more than simply a physical component of the body; they help in chewing and add charm to the face when you smile or speak. However, several severe dental problems might be observed that can impair a person’s ability to speak, chew, smile, and maintain proper oral & dental hygiene. 

Any concerns with your teeth’s alignment, shape, crookedness, or crowding can be resolved with orthodontic treatment. However there are various orthodontic treatments available, but some of the traditional treatment choices are only liked by some patients because of the look it gives while undergoing the treatment.

To resolve these issues, modern dentistry solved all the drawbacks of conventional orthodontic procedures and designed invisible aligners for patients to regain confidence in their smiles. When it comes to addressing any malocclusion issues that might obstruct the confidence in your smile, clear aligners are, without a doubt, the game-changer. 

Transparent aligners, which are made of a specific type of BPA-free plastic and are transparent so they can’t be observed by anyone around you when worn, can be used to straighten such crowded teeth. Therefore, more people today favor using these orthodontic aligners as a therapy choice.

So, in this article, we will understand how to correct your overcrowded teeth with invisible aligners. So, keep reading to find out.

What Factors Contribute to Dental Overcrowding?

Due to differences in tooth alignment and shape, there are many different reasons for dental crowding. When your jaw is too short or narrow for your teeth, or when your teeth are too wide to fit the existing space, dental overcrowding takes place. Genetic factors are the most common reasons for crowded teeth, but this cannot always be the case. Crowding, however, may also result from:

  • Overcrowding of the teeth may result from an incorrect emergence of a tooth or multiple teeth.
  • The presence of additional teeth might contribute to tooth crowding and subsequent misalignment.
  • Baby teeth can fall out prematurely or late, causing teeth to erupt into an overcrowded, conspicuous state.
  • A cleft lip or palate, a tumor, or both can lead to teeth overcrowding.
  • An old set of improperly placed dental crowns may be the reason for your teeth crowding today.
  • When teeth plug after three, using a dummy can cause problems.
  • Inadequate tooth alignment brought on by frequent thumb sucking during childhood might result in dental crowding.
  • Possibly have orofacial myofunctional abnormalities that could cause your crowded teeth.

How Do Clear Aligners Work?

It is crucial to fix your orthodontic problems with clear aligners, which are often regarded as the most effective and practical option.

Your teeth will be gently pushed into their proper positions, and your overcrowding will be fixed with the help of clear aligners, giving you a perfect smile you’ve always wanted. 

It is accomplished by digitally collecting impressions, processing the data using sophisticated software, and then automatically machining a set of customized trays for you after computing future forecasts for improved outcomes and straighter, healthier teeth. You might require multiple sets of trays for each round of moving your crookedly overcrowded teeth into their ideal position to achieve appropriate and precise alignment of your teeth.

Can Clear Aligners Help in Reshaping Overcrowded Teeth?

Clear aligners for the teeth are the type of teeth aligner that has been around for a while and is intended to correct the majority of orthodontic issues left over from conventional metal braces. When it was first introduced, it had some problems addressing minor overcrowding or relapses. However, there have been considerable advancements in managing more complex cases of moderate and severe tooth crowding as technology in dentistry has evolved. 

With the development, you can see little dots resembling attachments in the clear aligners without appearing metallic. These little attachments can significantly help in correcting and straightening the crowded teeth that have recently been computer-generated to exert forces in a specific manner. Special forces produced by these attachments will propel the roots, making the treatment more effective.

Such connectors/attachments and how they direct crowded teeth to form an aligned bite have improved the ability of aligners to address problems like overbites, underbites, and crossbites. Nevertheless, various treatments might be necessary to treat such complicated issues.

Final Thoughts

When insufficient space is available for all teeth to best suit within the jawline, causing them to overlap, this condition is known as teeth overcrowding. The teeth could be overlapping or inverted. Also, straightening crowded teeth with tooth aligners makes it simpler to brush your teeth, which might lower the risk of dental decay.

The effects and problems of teeth crowding go beyond aesthetic considerations. Crowded teeth can create misalignment that can worsen, resulting in more significant dental and physical health problems if left untreated. Primary prevention/treatment for overcrowded teeth with invisible braces could help avoid the necessity for more extensive therapy in the future.

So, if you’re looking for the best clear aligners to straighten your crowded teeth, consider Illusion Aligners. They offer the highest quality aligners using the most cutting-edge technology and a team of experienced orthodontists. However, the invisible aligner price in India ranges from INR 30,000 and up, depending on your chosen brand and the kind of orthodontic issue you have.

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