5 Reasons to Build An Actual Home Office Instead of Just A Corner Office at Home

Remote work has been existing even before the pandemic, but it has gotten more widespread during it. A home office has become more popular because of the restrictions that hinder people from leaving the house and meeting with each other. It is indeed advantageous to have it, a place at home where you can do office work nonetheless. 

While many houses have a home office or a specific room they consider a private home office, others only have a doorless corner in the living room or somewhere open inside the house. That may be due to lack of space or lack of extra room for it. Still and all, if you are already permanently working from home or if your job is really home-based, investing in an excellent-quality home office is something you will not regret. 

Know more. Here are 5 reasons to build an actual home office instead of just a corner office at home.

1 – It becomes a PERMANENT working space for you. 

There’s no need to move around whenever visitors arrive. You will not have to transfer from one spot to another whenever something unexpected happens, and you have to be somewhere else. 

An actual home office becomes a permanent working space for you. It’s your zone. It’s the area that is certainly designed and designated for you to concentrate and work in. You will not need to worry about having to leave that spot in the middle of work. It’s your workstation, unchangingly.     

2 – Enjoy your PEACE and PRIVACY while working at home.

Working from home may be very beneficial and convenient in so many ways, but it’s not always comfortable. That is very true when there are tons of distractions, both things and people, around you. 

With an actual home office that’s secured with a door you can lock for nobody to enter without your permission, you can focus well. Enjoy your peace and privacy while working at home. Efficiently do and accomplish your office tasks in a room where there’s nobody bothering you or nothing stealing your attention away. 

3 – Make your background PRESENTABLE during virtual meetings.

If you are working from a bare corner of your house, the surroundings might not be the best when showing yourself to the camera. Family members, house helpers or pets might pass by behind or unexpectedly make scenes you do not want workmates to see. It can be troublesome. 

Make your background presentable during virtual meetings. You can do so by going for a home office that’s nothing but a good one! 

4 – It puts BOUNDARIES between work and home.

Staying at home and working from home are two different things, but it has become hard for home-based workers to separate life and work when both take place in the same place. Instead of feeling “home” after work, you realize that you have been at home all day long. It can be tiring. 

Building an actual home office might help you put boundaries between work and home. Get out of that room when work is over. Spend time outside during weekends and non-working holidays. Highlight the fact that work and home are not the same, so you can realize rest and get a greater sense of fulfillment after working the whole day. 

5 – Your property’s value INCREASES.

Square footage is added when a new room is added. That means your property’s value increases when you opt for a custom-made home office. Receive depreciation benefits. Have the opportunity to put your house on sale at a favorable price, if you decide so in the future. 

Upping the look and the usefulness of your house is upping its worth. That’s fantastic! 



You will not regret having a home office. It is certainly fruitful and worthwhile for a variety of reasons, among them are listed above. 

Let your custom home builders know you need it and how you wish it would be! Work better, and live life better. Work from home. Stay at home. Know the difference, and do them happily. 



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. Nicole is a daytime writer for Depreciator, an Australian-based company specializing in tax depreciation schedules. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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