7 Serious Reasons to Choose A Holiday Staycation Over A Holiday Trip This Year

The wind blows differently when the Holidays are around the corner. It’s more chilly, and there’s something about the air that makes you blissful that the most wonderful time of the year is near, and after it comes a happy new year. The Christmas break is also the perfect time to enjoy and relax with yourself and with loved ones. That makes everyone go outside and have fun, and that means a lot of people will be traveling here and there! For something different and, in many ways, much better, go for a Holiday staycation instead of choosing to go everywhere.

Because the Holidays are the time when most people can take days off from work and have vacations, many really take this opportunity to travel. Obviously, this is one of the many reasons why flights are booked, traffic is heavier, and tourist spots are bursting with visitors. It can’t be helped since it’s the Yuletide season. 

Have a different take on the Holidays – different from what most people do. Below are 7 reasons why you should choose a Holiday staycation over a Holiday trip this year. Why leave home and stay somewhere nice rather than leave home and explore a far away city or a popular travel itinerary? Read on, sweetie! 

1 – A Holiday staycation would highly be less expensive. 

Staying at home is the most cost-efficient of all the options out there, but for a changed environment filled with leisure and decompression, a Holiday staycation is not a bad idea. Some people say, “We should have just stayed at home then,” but hey, a Holiday staycation in a good-quality hotel is different – totally different! 

Compared to a grand Holiday trip, a Holiday staycation would highly be less expensive. For the latter, going abroad is not really an option, thus, no need for booking flights, riding planes, eating airplane meals. That’s just the beginning. There’s no need for using a high-grade hotel only to store your luggage in before you visit various tourist attractions wherein you might need to separately pay for each entry. Although a Holiday trip might look more economical from the outside, it costs a lot on the inside. Not only the hidden charges but also extra purchases and unexpected spendings you do while on that trip let that happen as well. 

For a Holiday staycation, if you go for a luxury escapes in a choice beachside resort or hotel, all expenses are in one place. You will not go outside to buy anywhere else, experience anything else, or take other services, which all require additional expenses. Even if luxury escapes are not cheap either, you can look after your budget much more closely, easily and strictly. You can surely avoid overspending in a Holiday staycation.  

2 – It defines the Holiday relaxation you need in one place. 

After all the stressful school and draining work of the year, you absolutely long to rest and ease off while having a good time somewhere hushed. As much as possible, you want to veer away from disturbance and from wasting time on the road. A Holiday staycation is what you need!

It defines the Holiday relaxation you need in one place. You will not leave the venue, yet every piece of delight and stillness you wish to have before the year ends is found there. With outstanding services that pursue guests’ happiness and well-being, a great staycation place will keep you rested and untroubled. 

3 – A Holiday staycation won’t get you stuck in crowds and heavy traffic.

People love Christmas except for the fact that roads become more overflowing with all sorts of vehicles and people during this season. The traffic just gets heavier and more complicated, and it’s one of the signs that it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. It’s already tiring just when you imagine it. 

Forgo those hassles. A Holiday staycation won’t get you stuck in crowds and heavy traffic. Choose a vacation spot where you can stay for a while. There’d be no need for you to worry about wasting time lining up where everyone is at. 

4 – You get the privacy you want. 

You have your own room in the hotel or lodging. You can use the facilities designated for only you as a guest. The peacefulness and imperturbability you get from a Holiday staycation is unmatched. Enjoy and lounge without anything bothersome. You get the privacy you want!

5 – It’s a great option for families with kids and senior citizens. 

For families with kids and senior citizens, the best option is a Holiday staycation. Extreme nature adventures, amusement parks, long and exhausting tours are not ideal for kids and senior family members. They are not suitable, thus, not recommended. Those activities are especially not for people with health concerns, which your senior family members might have. 

A Holiday staycation will be experienced and appreciated by guests of all ages. What’s more, anything you need, ordinary or special, will be provided and accommodated. Both young and old will have a lovely Holiday vacation. 

6 – It’s perfect for the short-time break you have.

Students have more than a week as their Christmas break, however, for employed individuals, it cannot be like that. Some people even work on Christmas Day itself. It’s different when you are already working. 

Now, if you are that person, a working person, you do not have much time to use as a break. If your company allows you to use a lot of leave credits for the Holidays, then maybe you can decide to have almost a week, and that’s at most. It’s still not very easy though.

In such a situation, a Holiday staycation is the right choice. It’s perfect for the short-time break you have. Going abroad will not be really feasible unless it has been booked for months already, and all you have to do is hop on the plane. 

For working people who do not really have a Christmas break, a short but meaningful Holiday staycation is the best pick.   

7 – There are so many staycation promos for the Holidays!

The Holidays are a very busy time for businesses as they also welcome loads of inquiries and guests after announcing their Christmas discounts. While there are flight sales and special deals in almost every tourist spot, you can be sure that they are also brimming with people who have come because of the price drops and rare packages. It will be hard to have fun in such overloaded places. 

It would be so much better to go after staycation promos for the Holidays! There are so many of them, from budget-friendly options to luxury escapes. You just have to be quick, alert and informed to stay updated of the season’s markdowns. 

Don’t miss your chance! Grab a Holiday staycation for yourself and your loved ones!



It sure is fun to go to various tourist attractions and experience exciting adventures outdoors, but it may not be best to do during the busy Holiday season. When you are aiming to unwind and have a serene time, the better option is a Holiday staycation. 

Choose a high-quality hotel accommodation that provides honest and excellent services to their beloved guests. They have choice amenities, superb facilities, splendid views and scrumptious dishes. Some hotels and beach resorts offer exciting water activities, sports areas and karaoke machines, too. A Holiday staycation keeps you in one place, but it’s not boring. It’s fun, soothing and invigorating. 



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Kims, a beachside retreat in Australia offering awesome beachside lodges like no other. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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