Top 10 reasons to move to Scotland from America

Living in a country that fits your living standards can be quite a hassle, but with enough research, knowledge and information, you can find and live in your dream country. Even if you enjoy and love living in your country, after living there for so many years, you might be bored or simply want to explore more. That is why many people relocate. There might be many things they can’t always experience in their own country, so they want to move to a new place. Exploring new cultures, festivals, and food is always a fun thing to do. Even though the place or country you want to live in depends on your taste, some countries you might not know can give you what you desire and even better. That is why gaining immense knowledge about various countries is key to success whenever you plan to relocate. 

When we talk about astonishing scenery or landscape, beautiful mountains and beaches, the northern lights, vibrant festivals, culture and history and monuments, Scotland is one of the places that comes to our mind. It is a good choice for you whether you are searching for it to spend your holidays or want to study or even want to find a job. Suppose you are interested in moving to Scotland from America. In that case, it is advantageous for you to gain proper knowledge and information about it or if you are someone who is still thinking about why you should move to Scotland, then here is why Scotland is a good option for you to move to. 

10 reasons why Scotland is worth it 

  1. No matter where you live m, healthcare is the biggest concern for everyone. No one loves being unfit or unhealthy and wants to go on with any kind of health issue. This is why learning about the healthcare sector of the country you are planning to move to should be your top priority. The healthcare sector of Scotland is top-notch, which is why moving to Scotland from America is a good option. If you compare the American healthcare care system to the Scotland healthcare care system, then it is a fact that Scotland offers better service than America. That is why moving to Scotland from America is an advantage. 
  2. Who doesn’t love a good landscape? Imagine waking up every day and looking at the beautiful beauty before you or roaming the streets and enjoying the well-made roadsides and the view. Scotland is known very well for its pretty landscape. If you ever want to see the northern lights, then moving to Scotland suits you the best because you can experience the northern lights. You can find many beautiful mountains in Scotland and if you are a mountain lover then spending your days in the mountains will be a fun experience for you. Not only for mountain lovers, but if you adore beaches, then worry not. There are plenty of beaches for you to have fun. 
  3. Well, whisky is a popular thing for the people of Scotland and is known to have the best taste when it comes to it. If you are someone who enjoys it, then Scotland is heaven for you. 
  4. For the seafood lover, Scotland is a paradise. Scotland is known to export seafood and shellfish all around, and it is known as the second largest export after whiskey. Since Scotland is one of the major countries when it comes to finishing, it is known to sell the best quality seafood. 
  5. Education plays an important role in our society. No matter where you live or where you go, education is something that should be top-notch. Scotland is not behind when it comes to providing high-class education. Not only schools but universities in Scotland are known to provide good education all over the world. The education system is not only good for the citizens of Scotland, but it is said that when it comes to international students too, Scotland is a good place for them too to receive an education. You can visit beautiful castles and monuments any other day, and you can even learn about the history of Scotland through some monuments and castles. 
  6. Working for yourself is an important need whether you live in your country or move to another one but a country where the working life is good is important. No one wants to spend all their day. Spending quality time with yourself and your family is important too. Well, in that case, Scotland is known to provide the workers with five weeks of paid vacation. Workers in Scotland are provided with flexible working hours. Along with the provided vacation, you also get around nine band and public holidays all over the year. 
  7. When you move to a new country, travelling and transportation can be the biggest issue for a student, office worker or even a traveller. But when it comes to Scotland, you do not have to worry about such an issue since Scotland is a place that provides you with good transportation services. Some many trains and buses can take you anywhere you want. Public transportation is not only reliable but inexpensive too. Since Scotland is a place where you can enjoy the scenery, travelling around on public transportation gives you a good view of the beautiful landscape. 
  8. For someone who enjoys festivals and events, Scotland can be a good choice. Various festivals in Scotland take place every year. Even the world’s largest art festival is celebrated in Scotland, and you can experience it if you move to Scotland from America. There are various sports events, art festivals, live music etc.,that can help you pass the time when you want to. 
  9. When you move to a new country, one of your biggest concerns can be if you will be able to make friends or not. Well, worry not because Scottish people are known to be welcoming and friendly. Even if you are new and a stranger to them, they will always come forward to help you out. Since English is one of the official languages of Scotland, you would not have to worry about the language barrier because communication would not be a big issue for any English speaker. 
  10. You cannot live in a country that is not safe for you. Safety always comes first, no matter where you are living. Scotland is a place that is safe for you. If we talk about the crime rate of Scotland, then that too is quite low, and you will probably feel safe roaming alone in the country. Even the violent crime rate in Scotland is quite low. It is a blessing if you can walk on the road without the feeling of being in danger no matter what the time is, or if you plan to send your kids to play anywhere you expect utmost security and safety, Scotland is here to fulfil it all. If you are a single traveller too, it is obvious that you live alone and go to and from alone too, so looking for a country that makes you feel comfortable and safe is a priority, and Scotland fits in it. 

In conclusion, Scotland is a place where you get to experience and enjoy a lot of things and is a place that will never bore you. Experiencing the great scenery or landscape, beautiful architecture, mountains, beaches, the northern light, monuments etc., Scotland has it all. Even when it comes to moving to Scotland from the US, it will be a fun experience for you. You can contact Earth Relocation if you need help moving to a different place. 

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