Dasha Fortune Reading

A dasha fortune reading is a specialized form of astrological forecast that analyzes a person’s life based on the position of the planets in his or her chart. The information obtained through a dasha reading can provide you with a glimpse into the future, helping you make decisions and avoid bad choices. It can also reveal your personal strengths and weaknesses and give you insight into your character.

Astrological sub-periods

There are several ways to predict Dasha fortune. The best way to do so is with a certified astrologer. A certified astrologer will be able to accurately identify the planets in a person’s chart and predict the exact time and place of good or bad events.

Whether you’re looking for good luck or bad luck, a Vedic astrologer can tell you which planets are in transit and the best time for these events. An astrologer will use the birth chart, D-9 Navamsha and combinations of the Navamsha to determine the timing of certain events.

In Vedic Astrology, there are nine planetary periods. These are called Grahas and each is governed by a different planet. Each period is divided into sub-periods.

The first sub-period is the Mercury dasha. The second sub-period is the Venus dasha, the third is the Sun, the fourth is the Ketu, and the fifth is the Saturn. For more information visit our website Stars Speaks.

House placement

Dasha is the best time to be had, but it is not the most convenient or the most enjoyable. If you are looking for a way to make it more comfortable, there are a few things you can do to improve your situational awareness. One of these is to use the power of your mind to think of yourself in a more favorable light. This may not be an obvious thing to do, but it can pay dividends in the long run. For instance, if you are prone to hyperbolic egotism, it might be worthwhile to get out of the house and take a walk.

Planetary rulership

As far as astrology is concerned, there are nine planets that are a part of the dash. The best way to determine their rulership is to check your birth chart. These nine are named in a variety of guises. Besides the moon, they include the classical planets Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, as well as the aforementioned nodes. Moreover, there are seven other classical planets in the astrosphere.

The nine planets are grouped into nine nakshatras, each of which is ruled by a dasha. There are also numerous smaller subdivisions. They all have a role to play in your fortune. Each nakshatra has a different name and a different quality of life. It is not uncommon to find a woman living in one nakshatra and a man in another.


One of the most important techniques in astrology is the study of the transits of the outer and inner planets. Transits indicate important trends in your life. They can be counted from the lagna or the ascendant. If you are a businessperson, you can be certain that you will get lots of work to do.

In Vedic astrology, Dasha is a term that represents a period of time. It signifies the progress and sufferings of a person. The Dasha period mainly affects the native’s financial status, learning, and career.

The lord of the Dasha is the planet residing in the relevant house of the horoscope. Moreover, it also depends on how the Dasha lord is placed, as well as the yogas and aspects involved. Usually, it is considered as a positive time, if a native is able to make favourable placements.

Predictions of future events

It is not too difficult to predict the future if you know the right astrological system. You can get a good prediction by integrating your birth chart with other important data. This includes the ascendant sign, houses and planets.

If you want to find out how long you will live, you can check out a birth chart calculator. However, you have to be a little patient as the results might take some time to compute.

The most efficient way to get a good prediction is to consult a reputable astrologer. A professional astrologer will be familiar with at least three or four different Dasha systems. Some of them include the Vimshottari, Yogini or Kaalchakra dashas.

There are also other methods. Palmistry is one such method, which uses the shape and features of the hand to make a good forecast. Another system is the shodashottary, which uses divisional charts to make a good prediction.

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