A Quick Way to a Healthy Skin after a Facial Treatment

A Quick Way to a Healthy Skin after a Facial Treatment

Are you struggling to schedule a healthy skincare routine between your personal and professional life post-facial treatment? Don’t stress over it since most of us are juggling behind bars of responsibilities. 

Facial treatments and lifestyle go hand in hand with how our skin turns out in the coming weeks or months. Those who know the influences of unhealthy skin try to avert themselves from harm’s way. But, the ones who don’t realise it suffers the consequences. 

Dr Jaffer Khan, an expert plastic surgeon from Dubai, shares an insight into the cosmetic changes that could benefit people loathing their dull and dehydrated faces.  

Whether you opted for HydraFacial or Mesotherapy, here’s a quick guide post-treatment. This way, you can keep the radiance alive for weeks and wouldn’t set yourself up for failure.

1. Avoid Picking at Your Skin

There’s no denying that every facial treatment tends to make your skin sensitive for a few hours after the treatment. Although it can be tempting to pop every tiny whitehead that appears on the nose or chin, you need to keep your hands off your glowing skin. It’s because picking at your skin immediately after the facial will create irritation and potential scarring. We bet you wouldn’t want to ruin the glowing face.

2. Skip Heavy Makeup and Skincare Products 

Your face can get red from the exfoliation or extractions of the facial, so you should whip out the best full-coverage concealer. But you need to resist and convince yourself of the beauty of bare skin. Also, it’s smart and safer to give your skin a break from heavy skincare products and cosmetic items. Doing this will allow all the medicated serums, creams and peels to show efficient results.

3. Go Easy When Washing 

Remember that our skin gets ultrasensitive after a facial, so you must go easy with it. Often, the serums, cleansers and physical manipulation of the skin of the facial can disrupt the skin barrier. So it’s best to stick to gentler and hydrated products. That’s why you must wash your face gradually with lighter hands. The idea is to remove the dirt without compromising the integrity of the skin.

4. Discard the Toner

Almost every wellness clinic in Dubai suggests discarding the toners, at least for a day or two after a facial, especially if they’re alcohol-based or contain exfoliating agents. These ingredients might cause dryness and irritation to the skin. There’s no need to use a toner post-facial since the dermatologist must’ve already deep-cleaned the skin.

5. Resist the Steam Rooms 

Rejuvenating ourselves in spas and steam rooms after a tough and hectic week sounds overwhelmingly relaxing. Therefore, the majority of us get our reservations in advance. Although attending the session pre-facial treatment is fine, visiting it afterwards can be harsh on your skin. 

Once you have the facial, stay away from hot rooms for at least two to three days. Since your skin has already been steamed during the treatment, adding more heat could lead to sensitivity and broken capillaries.

6. Reschedule your Workout 

If you can’t make time for the workout before the facial, you should sneak into the gym right after the session. Hitting the gym will bring heat to the skin and sweat, which can harm the freshly-exfoliated skin. So, give your skin time to heal from the Lasik beams and medicated serums before approaching the fitness centre.

7. Stay out of the Sun 

Lastly, you must cancel any plans of sitting by the pool or beachside after your facial. According to the experts at the AEON Clinic in Dubai, the skin has just exfoliated, so it’s quite vulnerable to the sun’s harsh rays. Stay within the four walls, but if you need to go out urgently, it’s smart to wear sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

Final Thoughts!

While one can’t live without getting facials now and then, adhering to the pre and post-treatment ritual is equally important. Ideally, your skin will get super smooth and soft afterwards, but it might also get super sensitive. That’s why treating your face with the proper post-facial care with the tips mentioned above will come in handy.

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