Sharknado and the Rise of Social Media Influence on Movie-Making.

Sharknado a 2013 made-for-television disaster film became an instant cult classic and has spawned several sequels. The movie plot revolves around a tornado that picks up man-eating sharks from the ocean and unleashes them on the streets of Los Angeles. Despite its low budget and cheesy special effects Sharknado managed to capture the attention of audiences around the world. One of the key factors that contributed to its success was the way social media was used to promote the film. This paper examines the rise of social media influence on movie-making and how Sharknado became a case study for the power of social media marketing.

The Role of Social Media in Movie

Marketing In recent years social media has become a powerful tool for marketing movies. Studios and production companies now use social media platforms like Twitter Facebook and Instagram to create buzz around their upcoming releases. This has led to a shift in the way movies are marketed with social media campaigns often beginning months before a film release. The goal of these campaigns is to generate interest build excitement and create a sense of anticipation among potential viewers.

The Making of Sharknado

Sharknado was produced by The Asylum a production company known for making low-budget direct-to-video films. The film was directed by Anthony C. Ferrante and starred Ian Ziering and Tara Reid. The movie’s budget was only $2 million and it was shot in just 18 days.

The Initial Reception of Sharknado

Sharknado premiered on the Syfy network in July 2013 and its initial reception was modest. However as the film aired it began to generate buzz on social media. Viewers began sharing their reactions to the movie on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag Sharknado. This led to a surge in viewership for the film second airing which attracted over 2 million viewers.

The Power of Social Media Marketing

The success of Sharknado can be attributed in large part to the power of social media marketing. The use of the hashtag Sharknado helped to create a sense of community among viewers who shared their reactions to the movie and engaged with each other on social media. This created a sense of excitement around the film that helped to generate interest and build buzz.

The Impact of Social Media on Sharknado Success

The success of Sharknado demonstrates the impact that social media can have on a movie success. By using social media to create buzz around the film The Asylum was able to generate interest in the movie and build a fan base. This fan base helped to drive viewership and ultimately led to the film’s success.

The Legacy of Sharknado

Sharknado has become a cultural phenomenon and has spawned several sequels. The film success has also led to a renewed interest in B-movies and cult classics. The use of social media to market the film has become a case study for other filmmakers looking to create buzz around their movies.

The Future of Social Media in Movie-Making

As social media continues to play a larger role in our lives it will likely continue to have an impact on movie-making. Filmmakers will need to consider how to use social media to promote their films and build a fanbase. This will require an understanding of how social media platforms work and how to create content that engages viewers and encourages them to share their reactions with others.


Sharknado success is a testament to the power of social media marketing. By using social media to create buzz around the film.

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