Erika Eleniak and Steven Seagal Relationship: Everything To Know About Them

Erika Eleniak and Steven Seagal relationship has been the talk of the town for years. The two actors have a history that spans over two decades with rumors and controversies surrounding their relationship. We will delve deep into the details of their relationship and everything there is to know about them.

Who are Erika Eleniak and Steven Seagal?

Erika Eleniak is a popular American actress and model born on September 29 1969 in Glendale California. She is best known for her role as Shauni McClain on the hit television series Baywatch. Steven Seagal on the other hand is an American actor producer screenwriter martial artist and musician. He was born on April 10 1952 in Lansing Michigan. Seagal has starred in several action movies and is known for his martial arts skills.

How did Erika Eleniak and Steven Seagal meet?

Erika Eleniak and Steven Seagal first met on the set of the action movie Under Siege which was released in 1992. Seagal was the lead actor in the movie while Eleniak had a supporting role. It is said that the two hit it off immediately and began dating soon after.

Eleniak claims of abuse by Seagal

Erika Eleniak made shocking allegations of physical and emotional abuse against Steven Seagal. She claimed that Seagal had held her at gunpoint verbally and physically abused her during their relationship. Eleniak stated that she had suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of the abuse. Seagal denied the allegations.

Seagal controversies with women

Erika Eleniak is not the only woman to accuse Steven Seagal of abusive behavior. Several other women including actresses Jenny McCarthy Portia de Rossi and Kelly LeBrock have also accused him of harassment and assault. Seagal has denied all allegations and has never faced criminal charges.

Eleniak career after Baywatch

Erika Eleniak career took off after her stint on the hit television series Baywatch. She went on to star in several movies including The Beverly Hillbillies and Chasers. Eleniak also appeared in the music video for the song Without You by Motley Crue. She continues to act in movies and television shows to this day.

Seagal recent career

Steven Seagal career has had its ups and downs over the years. He has starred in several successful movies including Above the Law Under Siege and Exit Wounds. His recent movies have not been as successful. Seagal has also faced criticism for his political views and close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Where are they now?

Erika Eleniak and Steven Seagal have both moved on from their past relationship. Eleniak is happily married to her husband Roch Daigle and has two children. Seagal on the other hand is currently married to Erdenetuya Batsukh with whom he has a son. He continues to act in movies and is also a practicing Buddhist.


Erika Eleniak and Steven Seagal’s relationship has been a controversial topic for many years. While their relationship may have ended on a sour note both actors have gone on to have successful careers in the entertainment industry.

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