5 Key Tips to Keep Your Mobile Gadgets Clean

Without a doubt most people today cannot move a lot and do so much in their day without their cell phones. While it still depends on every person you can agree that these mobile gadgets do serve huge essential roles to humans daily lives. In almost everything you do these electronic devices seem to be the best helper you can have. Be it about business education work entertainment news or just anything these mobile gadgets are useful and sometimes inevitable.

Because of these gadgets functionality taking care of them is a big must. Aside from the fact that they are mostly expensive and fragile you highly value their purpose. Do your best to maintain the good condition of your cell phones tablets and other mobile gizmos. One of the most indispensable yet sometimes underrated ways to preserve them is through cleaning.

That is exactly what this article highlights. People might often take it for granted but cleaning is chief! Here are 5 key tips to keep your mobile gadgets clean. 

Sanitize them anytime needed.

You do not have to see them mucky and dusty first before you make an effort in cleaning them. Sanitize your gadgets anytime needed. 

If you know that you have touched your phone’s screen with hands that just touched money do not hesitate to wipe them with clean cloth. You may also look for and buy screen cleaners created for mobile gadgets. Get the most reliable brand so you can ensure that the chemicals will not wreck the quality of your device. Those products usually come with a microfiber fabric which will prevent scratches on screens. Use cotton swabs to reach narrow corners and ports. 

Do not use them with oily or dirty hands.

Be mindful and careful when picking up and holding your portable widgets. See to it that your hands are clean. Even when you are already comfortable with your cell phone and though you already know that it’s tough be responsible. Do not use them with oily or dirty hands. Wash and dry your hands prior to using your gadgets to avoid transferring those greasy and grubby stuff to them.

Use a protective casing.

Gadgets are delicate and dearly priced. You cannot afford letting them break powerlessly. Cover them with protective casings that perfectly fit their units. In case your cell phone accidentally slips off your hands and falls to the floor the impact could be minimized because of the casing. 

Electronic device casings are typically concealing the back portion of gadgets but you may also opt for those that also cover the front. What’s more have tempered glass installed on your mobile gadgets screens for strong protection. 

When lending to others make sure to clean them after. 

When a friend or a young niece borrows your phone from you make sure to clean them after. It’s not being overly meticulous. rather it’s just wanting to be sure that your gadgets are clean and that whatever dirt there is on your phone from the other person’s hands will not get to your hands.  

Keep them away from substances that may spill.

Be cautious about where you place or store your mobile devices regardless of how short or long the time is. Keep them away from substances that may spill. Do not put your devices beside glasses of water or insecticide. If it so happens that someone unintentionally bumps onto the glass of water it can drop to the direction of your phone. The liquid will spill and your gadget might get wet without notice.


These tips may seem simple but they are a great reminder to people who usually forget about the importance of gadgets cleanliness. You who sometimes forget are helped as well. 

Your hands are on your mobile gadgets almost the whole day but they are also used in doing and holding everything. That shows your devices are not safe from bacteria even when they are just with you all the time. They do not have to be inside a trash can to become dirty. Even in your clean and cute bag your phone can get dusty and filthy. 

Mobile gadgets quality can deteriorate over time but keeping it clean means assisting their preservation. Moreover assuring they are tidy prevents you from contacting disease-causing bacteria which can stick onto your devices and onto your hands. Pay attention to the neatness of your mobile gadgets. Make them last long and keep yourself healthy. 

Nicole Ann Pore is a writer an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for GetdGet an international mobile online shopping site based in Sydney Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila Philippines with a Bachelor Degree in Communication Arts.

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