SHINING STAR: The Best 6 Things About Being A Celebrity

Many people dream of becoming celebrities. Those who truly pursue their aim voluntarily go through all the tests and trials required to be surpassed to hit their target. Once they get there be seen on television do acting projects show their entertainment skills it’s surreal. People who really have that dream in their hearts exhibit how passionate they are and how well they want to do. Although it’s not easy they have promised themselves that one day they will become a celebrity. 

Life is not perfect even for seemingly flawless names in showbiz. There are struggles and challenges. But the curiosity we are addressing right now is about the good stuff only. There are costly downsides but what do celebs love about their job. Here are the best 6 things about being a celebrity. 

Favorable popularity

Celebrities are well-recognized by the people who watch and witness their career. They make a name for themselves working hard before they achieve that of course. Although fame is not always a good thing favorable popularity is one of the biggest and best things about being a star. Their acclaimed reputation makes them even more popular. It allows them to use their powerful influence to spread goodness.

If you are a celebrity you are treated as a VIP. Wherever you go somebody if not everybody identifies you. That is due to good reasons alright. Celebs become well-known and honored because of their visuals their talents their pleasant personality and every good thing they do and possess. 

Some people really want to become celebrities because they want to become highly esteemed. Although they know the pitfalls that the show business renown exhibits it’s really their dream. That’s why many pre-eminent stars truly love the limelight.   


Undeniably one of the obviously best things about being a superstar is the wealth you are able to grow, being successful within some years in the industry. 

Great actors and actresses are working hard. Although they are passionate and talented their occupation and its demands can take a toll on their health at times. They are sacrificing a huge part of their time with their family and loved ones so they can perform their job and satisfy fans. Sometimes they are sleep-deprived to prepare practice and shoot their shows. Their physical body gets affected in one way or another. Their mental and emotional well-being also gets affected whether they like it or not.  

What are we trying to say here. The huge amount of salary they get does not come to them in an instant. They exert tremendous efforts on and off cam. Putting their lives out in the open for all to see is not easy. They step out of their comfort zones to meet the demands of their occupation. 

They truly deserve the wealth they receive after giving their all for their fans and for their craft. 

Industry connections

The show business is big but small at the same time. Many or most people inside know each other or are linked with each other. It’s almost impossible for celebs to not know (not necessarily on a personal level) their fellow celebs. 

Having significant similarities such as being in the same show or in the same celebrity management company can make you related to each other already. People you work with can be your mutual colleagues as well and that’s not a small thing. 

Here you see that having industry connections is also a great thing! Celebrities can easily enjoy it! That’s without a question. 

Accessible business opportunities

Fame may last for generations but the peak of popularity lasts for a limited time. That’s reality. New artists arise. New talents appear. They could be better than the previous celebrities or the taste of the public has just shifted. Whatever it is stars know that they will not be public figures their entire life! They will not receive a lot of projects in the future or naturally they will retire. 

Wise celebs know that so while they are young, and while they can earn a lot they take advantage of business opportunities they can access. Industry connections can help. Career popularity takes them to another level. When they put up a business while they are well-loved their businesses will become appreciated and in demand too! Not to mention avid fans support their favorite artists by patronizing their personal businesses and advertisements. 

For the present and for the future this is truly one practical merit of being a big shot!

Fans and their loyalty

What are stars without their fans? Reality-wise nothing. Good celebs know and claim that. No matter how wealthy or how related a celebrity is to an influential person in the entertainment industry if they are not favored by people they will not have a career in show business. They will not last long even if they can start. 

Fans and their loyalty is one of the heartwarming best things in the lives of celebs. These supporters love what the artists do, but more than that they love the artists authenticity. That what makes some good artists and good fans treat each other as a family. 

With loyal fans artists have best friends who are always there to make them more loved and to defend them when needed. What infamous celebs cannot do to their bashers (answering them back or blocking them on social media) their true fans can! 

Rewarding is how it feels like for celebrities to know that there are people, who are not their family by blood ready to help and protect them always. That’s what makes them family by heart.

Growth opportunities

Being a celebrity teaches you manifold things day by day. It opens doors of growth opportunities where you improve in your craft and improve as a person. As a professional you become more competent determined and promising. As an individual you become more responsible compassionate and genuine. 

There are so many learnings you will acquire as you go on in the journey of stardom. One of the best of them is that you are humbled while you receive all the recognition and respect.


Celebrities know that their lives that seem shiny as diamonds are sometimes losing luster too. Maybe not their career but the feeling they have within their chest when there are no cameras around and there is nobody who knows them. They are not that different from people who are not celebs. They experience problems personally and professionally as well. What’s more often it’s not very easy to separate their privacy and their profession from each other because they have an image to take care of. Indeed, no one is perfect. 

Nevertheless there are so many good things about being a celebrity that truly makes this occupation applauded by fans and sought-after by people who aspire to be a star. Celebrities who are married to their job enjoy those delightful things in good ways with a humble and grateful heart.

Even when the time comes when they are not as famous as they are now or will be, still, their legacy and golden experience remains in their soul and in the minds of those they inspire. And they can always say that those days have brought them the best things about being a celebrity.  



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for The Fordham Company, one of Australia’s leading celebrity talent management agencies located in Sydney. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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