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Family hikes: Rise in popularity in recent years

Hiking is one of the most famous outdoor activities in the world and many people around the world can be seen investing their time in going for hikes in nature. Moreover, recently the number of hikers in the world has subsequently increased. This is happening because more and more people are finding out about the various benefits of hiking.

Hiking is extremely beneficial for both mental and physical health, going on regular hikes can help you in reducing the risks of any potential heart disease and lowers the level of blood pressure. Not only that it is also believed that hiking is also beneficial for combating diabetes and improving arthritis by making the bones and muscles of one’s body strong. This is a big reason why individuals can be seen investing in good pairs of hiking boots in NZ and other hiking essentials. 

As for its mental health benefits, it is proven in many research that hiking is very beneficial for reducing stress in your body. Going for regular hikes can create a calming sensation in your body which leads to lowering the risks of depression, anxiety, or any mental health problems.

Previously only adults or people from the older generation were only seen to participate in hiking but recently family hikes have become extremely famous among individuals. Family hikes are when individuals go on hikes with their kids and/ or other family members. Many individuals have actually turned this into a family tradition to go on hikes every few months or during summer or winter breaks. Many parents can be seen taking their kids to buy mens and womens hiking boots in NZ every year so that they are always packed and ready to go on a sudden family hiking experience.    

What are the benefits of going on hikes with your family?

In recent years, our lives have become even busier than before which has made it kind of tough to spend some quality time with our loved ones. Every day we are living the same cycle of life, we are waking up, going to work, coming back, and then even before we know it it’s already the next day. This is why it is best to take out some time to go family hiking, all that you need to get started on this experience is to buy a good pair of hiking boots in NZ and some other hiking equipment like a backpack, water bottle, tent, and others. 

Family hiking can be very beneficial for connecting with family members and taking some time out of the monotony of life. There are many that one can achieve by going on family hiking, some of its benefits are listed below.

  • Opportunity to connect with nature – There are theories that suggest that nature can be a great teacher so being close to it can be very beneficial for kids. If your kids are introduced to nature at an early age then they automatically form a love for it and can also influence them to develop a lifelong healthy relationship with mother nature. Moreover, when they will grow up there are chances that they will become adults who will make conscious lifestyle choices to save and care for the nature around them.
  • Good exercise – One of the most beneficial effects of hiking for kids is that they work as a great form of exercise. To be honest young or old everyone should go oy for hiking from time to time to stay fit and healthy. While as adults we get to make that choice consciously on our own, kids don’t understand all of this much, so it is the duty of parents to engage their kids in several physical activities like hiking. Next time remember to buy good-quality hiking boots in NZ for your kids too so that you can also tag them along when you go on your next hike.  
  • Helps in building relationships – There is no such course that can help you in building relationships with other individuals. Building relationships is not just tough for kids, at times it can also be tough for adults to create a bond with others. When you take your kids on hikes, they learn the ways of working in a team. Activities like building a tent, starting a bonfire, and other activities are usually done in a team so these activities are great for teaching your kids qualities like leadership and team coordination. In small kids, hiking can be even more beneficial when they are left to tie their own shoes or boots other than their parents doing it for them. Just like women’s hiking boots in NZ, there are also many companies that make great quality and comfortable hiking boots for kids.  
  • Creates family memories – Time is constantly moving and memory is the only thing that is constant in life so it is very important for parents to take their kids on family hikes in order to create memories. Imagine this you and your kids are sitting by the bonfire and sharing stories of your own childhood, that will be so pleasant and when they grow up they will feel good about these times. Moreover, this will also be a good conversation starter for them when they will go back to their after the break. Pro tip: Encourage your kids to create a memory scrapbook where they will paste all the pictures that will be clicked during the hiking experience.   

Key findings

Hiking as an outdoor activity is very beneficial for people of all ages. Taking part in hiking expeditions is beneficial as it will not just improve your physical health but it is proven also proven to work effectively in improving your mental health. Moreover, if you are a parent or a guardian of a kid/ kids then it is very important to plan a hiking trip with your family at least once or twice a year. All that you will need to do is buy a good quality tent, backpack, and mens or womens hiking boots in NZ, and that’s it you are set to go on a hiking trip.

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