Back pain while driving

How to Reduce Back Pain While Driving?

Driving is something you can do without causing more pain. It’s not just a matter of comfort; it’s also about safety. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), driving is one of the most dangerous activities that people with chronic back pain can do. Driving can actually make your back pain worse because of how it affects your posture and the way you use your body while operating heavy machinery. So if you’re wondering how to reduce back pain while driving? We’ve got tips for you!

Get in and out of the truck properly

One of the easiest ways to reduce back pain while driving is to get in and out of your truck properly. Always use grab bars, and maintain three points of contact at all times. Take a few moments before you get out to stretch: twist, reach over your head, and arch your back a few times to help get the blood flowing and get your muscles moving again.

Sit up straight and don’t slouch

To reduce back pain while driving, you should sit up straight and don’t slouch. Don’t hunch over the steering wheel or sit with your feet too close to the pedals. Relax your elbows to hang down instead of resting them on the door or window frames. Use the headrest behind you to check in for good posture and have your shoulders find the seat every 30 minutes by setting an alarm.

Use lumbar support

If you’re not using lumbar support, it’s time to start. A cushion or pillow can help reduce back pain while driving by providing support for your lower back.

If you don’t have access to one of these things, try using a towel or rolled-up blanket instead. Or consider investing in a higher-quality seat, it could save you thousands of dollars in health bills once you have an injury.

Adjust the seat height to fit your body type

Adjusting the seat height to fit your body type will help you maintain good posture while driving. The headrest is a checkpoint for head and neck posture; if it’s too high, it could cause neck strain when looking out of the window.

Adjusting the angle of the seat can also help reduce pain in your back and hips. Sit upright with knees bent at 90 degrees, feet flat on floor pedals, or resting on footrests (if available). Open up hip joints by tilting back slightly so that thighs are parallel with the floor – this will take pressure off lower back muscles as well as reduce stress on knees which may contribute towards knee pain during long journeys.

Maximize break time with movement

If you’re stuck in the driver’s seat, take a break every 45 minutes or so to get out of the truck and move around. Stretch, walk around the truck, do some squats, and do other exercises. Use a foam roller on your back if you have one (or use a tennis ball). If you don’t have these things at home or work but want them for future use–get them!

If stretching isn’t enough for you, try yoga videos online or even just YouTube searches for “yoga” with different poses depending on what feels good at that moment. I’ve found this especially helpful when driving long distances by myself because there aren’t many places nearby where I can go get my exercise in safely without worrying about traffic jams like there are around big cities like Los Angeles where we live now.”

Check your mirrors for blind spots before turning

To reduce back pain while driving, keep an eye on your mirrors:
● Check the blind spot on both sides of your vehicle before turning. This is especially important when making left turns and right turns, as there are often vehicles traveling in those lanes that may not be visible from the driver’s seat.
● Use all three mirrors–the rearview mirror, side mirrors, and rearview mirror–to check for traffic before changing lanes or turning at intersections or driveways.*

Driving is something you can do without causing more pain

Driving is something you can do without causing more pain. In fact, driving long distances can actually be beneficial for your back because it keeps you from sitting in one place for too long and allows for some movement. The key to avoiding back pain while driving is to maintain proper posture and avoid slouching over the steering wheel or leaning over the side of the seat when reaching for something out of reach (like a tissue).

Here are some tips on how to reduce back pain while driving:

Sit up straight with both feet flat on the floorboard or pedals if possible, making sure not to slouch forward or backward in order not to put pressure on any part of your body unnecessarily during this time period while traveling somewhere else besides home.”


Driving can be a pain in the back, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right adjustments and habits, you can make sure your commute is as comfortable as possible. The most important thing is to make sure that you’re sitting up straight and not slouching. If this is something that interests you, then we encourage you to check out our other articles on how to reduce back pain while driving!

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