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Stay Comfortable All Night with a Cooling Mattress Protector: Tips and Tricks

While it’s important to get a good night of sleep, it’s also important to stay comfortable. If you’re tossing and turning at night because your partner’s body temperature is too warm or even if you wake up with back pain from an uncomfortable mattress, then a cooling mattress protector at discount could be the solution for you.

The Importance of a Cooling Mattress Protector

A cooling mattress protector is a great way to stay comfortable all night long. It will help you sleep more soundly and wake up feeling refreshed. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your cooling mattress protector:

  • Flip Your Sheets Less Often – When you have a cooling mattress protector, you don’t need to flip the sheets as often because it keeps them dry throughout the night. This keeps your bedding from bunching up at the bottom of your bed or wrinkling during sleep, which can be uncomfortable for both partners in a relationship!
  • Stay Cooler Than Ever Before – A good quality cooling pad will keep you cool while sleeping so that even if there isn’t much airflow in your bedroom or apartment building (which can cause hot nights), then at least part of what makes us hot at night won’t affect us anymore!

Tips and Tricks to Keep You Cool While Sleeping

  • Use a fan. If you want to keep cool while sleeping, your first step should be to use a fan. This will help circulate air around the room and bring in cooler air from outside through open windows or doors. Fans can also be placed directly on top of the mattress protector itself; however, this may interfere with its ability to protect against spills or stains because there is less space between you and whatever’s underneath your sheets (i.e., sweat).
  • Get a temperature sensitive cover! One way to ensure that your mattress protector stays comfortable all night long is by getting one with built-in cooling technology such as ZeoGelĀ® or Phase Change Material (PCM), which reacts quickly when exposed to heat by emitting coolness directly onto your body–meaning no more waking up with damp sheets after tossing and turning through the night! Just make sure not too close proximity between yourself and any electronic devices when sleeping because some types contain batteries that could potentially cause harm if they malfunctioned while connected together.*Shop wisely: If buying online then look carefully at what size fits best according to reviews written by previous customers before making any purchases.”

Shop the Right Size

You’ll want to make sure your mattress protector is the right size for your bed. If it’s too small, it won’t cover all of your mattress and may leave some parts exposed. If it’s too big, it could bunch up or hang off the sides of your bed and end up being annoying in other ways.

If you don’t have a cooling mattress protector yet (or even if you do), there’s another option: cooling sheets! These are basically regular sheets that feature materials designed to wick away moisture from skin and keep cool air circulating around them–and thus keep their users cool as well. They aren’t quite as effective as specialised products designed specifically for this purpose like our own Cooling Mattress Protectors; however they will work in a pinch when nothing else is available.”

Get 4-Inch Deep Memory Foam Topper

The 4-inch deep memory foam topper is the best option for both cooling and comfort. It will help you stay cool, which is especially important when you live in a warm climate. But it’s not just about temperature–the extra depth on this model gives your body more support as well. This helps with sleep quality, so that even if it’s hot outside and humid in your bedroom, or if there are other issues contributing to poor air quality in the room (such as cigarette smoke), these problems won’t affect how well rested you feel when waking up in the morning.

Choose a Temperature Sensitive Cover

You may have heard of temperature-sensitive covers, which are made from materials that respond to your body heat. These types of covers are more expensive than regular mattress protectors, but they’ll last longer and be more comfortable as well.

Temperaturesensitive covers can be made from several different types of material:

  • Wool–Wool is an excellent insulator, meaning it keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. It’s also naturally antibacterial so it won’t get stinky over time!
  • Cotton–Cotton is another great material for keeping cool or warm depending on the season; however it tends to be less durable than wool or polyester fleece fabrics

Use A Fan

If you have a fan, use it! The goal is to circulate cool air around your room. Place the fan at the foot of your bed, at least 6 inches away from the mattress and not directly on top of it. This will help keep you comfortable all night long!

A cooling mattress protector can help you sleep better, especially if you sleep with your partner.

Sleeping with your partner can be a challenge. You toss and turn, they snore or move around in their sleep, the room gets too hot or too cold…the list goes on! A cooling mattress protector and Buckwheat Pillow is a great investment for couples who want to stay comfortable all night long.

A mattress protector helps keep your bed clean by preventing stains from getting into the actual mattress itself. It also protects against dust mites and other allergens that could trigger an allergic reaction in someone. The best part: they’re super easy to use! Just put it on top of your sheets before going to bed each night–that’s all there is too it!


A cooling mattress protector is an investment worth making. It can make your sleep so much better and healthier, which means that you’ll wake up feeling rested and ready to take on the day. If you’re trying to decide between different types of protectors, we recommend going with one that has temperature sensitivity built in as well as 4-inch deep memory foam toppers. If possible, try out some different sizes before making a purchase so that both partners are comfortable on their side of the bed!

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